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Frontiers of Medicine

Front. Med.    2020, Vol. 14 Issue (2) : 225-228
2019 novel coronavirus outbreak: a quiz or final exam?
Jiuyang Xu1, Yijun Chen1, Hao Chen1, Bin Cao2,3,4()
1. Tsinghua University School of Medicine, Beijing 100084, China
2. Department of Pulmonary and Critical Care Medicine, Center for Respiratory Medicine, China-Japan Friendship Hospital, Beijing 100029, China
3. Institute of Respiratory Medicine, Chinese Academy of Medical Sciences, Peking Union Medical College, Beijing 100005, China
4. Tsinghua University-Peking University Joint Center for Life Sciences, Beijing 100084, China
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The 2019 novel coronavirus (2019-nCoV) is an emerging pathogen and is threatening the global health. Strikingly, more than 28 000 cases and 550 deaths have been reported within two months from disease emergence. Armed with experience from previous epidemics in the last two decades, clinicians, scientists, officials, and citizens in China are all contributing to the prevention of further 2019-nCoV transmission. Efficient preliminary work has enabled us to understand the basic characteristics of 2019-nCoV, but there are still many unanswered questions. It is too early now to judge our performance in this outbreak. Continuous and strengthened efforts should be made not only during the epidemic, but also afterwards in order to prepare for any incoming challenges.

Keywords 2019-nCoV      novel coronavirus      epidemic      public response     
Corresponding Author(s): Bin Cao   
Just Accepted Date: 06 February 2020   Online First Date: 16 March 2020    Issue Date: 09 May 2020
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Jiuyang Xu,Yijun Chen,Hao Chen, et al. 2019 novel coronavirus outbreak: a quiz or final exam?[J]. Front. Med., 2020, 14(2): 225-228.
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Jiuyang Xu
Yijun Chen
Hao Chen
Bin Cao
Fig.1  Major epidemics and pandemics in the 21st century. Case numbers and fatality are retrieved from the World Health Organization website. *only data from the 2014–2016 epidemic for Ebola virus is shown.
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