Frontiers of Mathematics in China


Special Issues

Collection: Tensor and Hypergraph
Front. Math. China, Nov. 2017, Volume 12, Number 6.
Collection: Special Issue: Ring Theory and Related Topics (II)
Front. Math. China, Feb. 2017, Volume 12, Number 1.
Collection: Recent Development in Symmetries and Integrability of Difference Equations
Front. Math. China, Oct. 2013, Volume 8, Number 5.
Collection: Recent Progress in Probability and Statistics in China
Front. Math. China, Jun. 2013, Volume 8, Number 3.
Collection: Spectral Theory of Nonnegative Tensors
Front. Math. China, Feb. 2013, Volume 8, Number 1.
Collection: Selected Topics in Computational Mathematics
Front. Math. China, Apr. 2012, Volume 7, Number 2.
Collection: Probability and Statistics—in Honor of Pao-Lu Hsu’s 100th Birthday
Front. Math. China, Dec. 2011, Volume 6, Number 6.
Collection: Lie Algebras and Related Topics
Front. Math. China, Aug. 2011, Volume 6, Number 4.
Collection: Continuous Optimization and Combinatorial Optimization
Front. Math. China, Mar. 2010, Volume 5, Number 1.
Collection: Infinite Dimensional Dynamical Systems
Front. Math. China, Sept. 2009, Volume 4, Number 3.

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