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Frontiers in Energy

Front Energ    2012, Vol. 6 Issue (1) : 12-20
Economic analysis of a hybrid solar-fuel cell power delivery system using tuned genetic algorithm
Trina SOM(), Niladri CHAKRABORTY
Power Engineering Department, Jadavpur University, Kolkata 700098, India
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An economic evaluation of a network of distributed energy resources (DERs) comprising a microgrid structure of power delivery system in an Indian scenario has been made. The mathematical analysis is based on the application of tuned genetic algorithm (TGA). The analyses for optimal power operation pertaining to minimum cost have been made for two cases in Indian power delivery system. The first case deals with the consumers’ individual optimal operation of DERs, while in the second one, consumers altogether form a microgrid with the optimal supply of power from DERs. The total annual costs for these two cases are found to be economically competitive and encouraging. A reduction of approximately 5.7% in the annual cost has been obtained in the case of microgid system than that in the separately operating consumers’ system for a small locality of India. It is observed that the application of TGA results in a reduction of the minimum cost depicting an improved outcome in terms of energy economy.

Keywords distributed energy resources (DERs)      microgrid      tuned genetic algorithm (TGA)     
Corresponding Authors: SOM Trina,   
Issue Date: 05 March 2012
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Niladri CHAKRABORTY,Trina SOM. Economic analysis of a hybrid solar-fuel cell power delivery system using tuned genetic algorithm[J]. Front Energ, 2012, 6(1): 12-20.
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Trina SOM
Fig.1  Load demand in summer for different types of consumer in Indian Context
Fig.2  Load demand in winter for different types of consumer in Indian Context
Fig.3  Load demand variation of all consumers forming a microgrid for a day
Consumers (System)Initial cost of PAFC/105 RsInitial cost of SPS/105 RsInitial cost of BESS/RsRunning cost of PAFC/(Rs·kW-1·h-1)Running cost of BESS/(Rs·kW-1·h-1)
Hostel (Individual)252.0348102555106
Market (Individual)226.8348102555106
Campus-quarters (Individual)189.0348102555106
Hospital (Individual)226.8348102555106
Bank & post office (Individual)189.0348102555106
Microgrid System882.013121333555106
Tab.1  Parameters related to the cost of DERs
Equipments forming microgridCost/103 RsLife time/a
Switching equipments4376
Transformers (step-up & step-downs)335015
Cables (underground & overhead )1090020
Tab.2  Data associated to the constructional cost of microgrid
EquipmentsCost/103 RsLife time/a
Switching equipments4376
Transformers (step-up & step-downs)11515
Cables (underground & overhead )6.55520
Tab.3  Data associated to the set-up cost for each consumer
Optimal power generationHostelHospitalCampus- quartersBank & post-officeMarket
Average fuel cell capacity/kW194.616312585160
Average SPS capacity/kW8080808080
Average BESS capacity/kW101999272128
Purchased capacity/kW5040303020
Tab.4  Optimal power generation for case 1
Optimal power generationMicrogrid power system
Average fuel cell capacity/kW641
Average SPS capacity/kW310
Average BESS capacity/kW126
Purchased capacity/kW20
Tab.5  Optimal power generation for case 2
ConsumerTotal annual cost/103 Rs
Campus quarters31140
Bank & post office27220
Tab.6  Computed minimum costs for different consumers of case1
Consumers’ operationTotal annual cost/103 Rs
Individual operation151811
Tab.7  Comparison of total cost between case 1 and case 2
ConsumerElectric price per unit/Rs
Campus quarters24.3
Bank & post office26.3
Tab.8  Per unit cost for consumers (case1 and case 2)
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