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Frontiers in Energy

Front Energ Power Eng Chin    2011, Vol. 5 Issue (2) : 149-158
Nongray radiation from gas and soot mixtures in planar plates based on statistical narrow-band spectral model
Huaqiang CHU1, Qiang CHENG1, Huaichun ZHOU1(), Fengshan LIU2
1. State Key Laboratory of Coal Combustion, Huazhong University of Science and Technology, Wuhan 430074, China; 2. Institute for Chemical Process and Environmental Technology, National Research Council, Ottawa, Ont, K1A 0R6 Canada
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The nongray behavior of combustion products plays an important role in various areas of engineering. Based on the statistical narrow-band (SNB) spectral model with an exponential-tailed inverse intensity distribution and the ray-tracing method, a comprehensive investigation of the influence of soot on nongray radiation from mixtures containing H2O/N2+soot, CO2/N2+soot, or H2O/CO2/N2+soot was conducted in this paper. In combustion applications, radiation transfer is significantly enhanced by soot due to its spectrally continuous emission. The effect of soot volume fraction up to 1×10-6 on the source term, the narrow-band radiation intensities along a line-of-sight, and the net wall heat fluxes were investigated for a wide range of temperature. The effect of soot was significant and became increasingly drastic with the increase of soot loading.

Keywords soot      combustion      SNB model      nongray radiation     
Corresponding Authors: ZHOU Huaichun,   
Issue Date: 05 June 2011
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Huaqiang CHU,Qiang CHENG,Huaichun ZHOU, et al. Nongray radiation from gas and soot mixtures in planar plates based on statistical narrow-band spectral model[J]. Front Energ Power Eng Chin, 2011, 5(2): 149-158.
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Huaqiang CHU
Huaichun ZHOU
Fengshan LIU
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