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Frontiers in Biology

Front. Biol.    2018, Vol. 13 Issue (6) : 475-480
The positive effects of Mediterranean-neutropenic diet on nutritional status of acute myeloid leukemia patients under chemotherapy
Jalali, Seyyed Mostafa, Morteza Abdollahi(), Atiyeh Hosseini, Dehghani Kari Bozorg, Ajami, Marjan Azadeh, Kimia Moiniafshar
7th Floor, Bldg No.2 SBUMS, Arabi Ave, Daneshjoo Blvd, Velenjak, Tehran, Tehran 19839-63113, Iran
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INTRODUCTION: Cancer and chemotherapy-induced malnutrition increase death, reduce the response to treatment, and increase multiple kinds of side effects. The aim of this study was to investigate the effects of Mediterranean-neutropenic diet on the nutritional status of acute myeloid leukemia patients under chemotherapy.

MATERIALS AND METHODS: 50 patients were divided into two groups by a random allocation scheme: the Mediterranean-neutropenic diet (n = 25) and the neutropenic diet group (n = 25). The intervention was implemented during a one month period. The nutritional status was evaluated based on PG-SGA. Serum albumin levels and dietary intake were also measured.

RESULTS: After the intervention, the mean serum albumin level in the intervention group was significantly higher than the beginning of the study (p = 0.09) and in comparison with the control group (p = 0.01). Also, the mean serum albumin level in the control group significantly decreased at the end of the study compared to the beginning of the study (p = 0.03). After intervention, the nutritional status of the patients in the intervention group was significantly improved compared to the control group.

CONCLUSION: In general, based on the results of this study, the Mediterranean neutropenic diet improves nutritional status during chemotherapy by increasing food intake, preventing weight loss and increasing serum albumin levels

Keywords nutritional status      Mediterranean diet      neutropenic diet      AML      chemotherapy     
Corresponding Author(s): Morteza Abdollahi   
Online First Date: 07 November 2018    Issue Date: 30 November 2018
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Jalali,Seyyed Mostafa,Morteza Abdollahi, et al. The positive effects of Mediterranean-neutropenic diet on nutritional status of acute myeloid leukemia patients under chemotherapy[J]. Front. Biol., 2018, 13(6): 475-480.
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Seyyed Mostafa
Morteza Abdollahi
Atiyeh Hosseini
Dehghani Kari Bozorg
Marjan Azadeh
Kimia Moiniafshar
Variables* Mediterian-neutropenic group Control group p value€#
Number 25 25
Male 15 (60%) 14 (56) 0/7
Female 10 (40%) 11(44%)
Age (yrs) 41±14/3 40±12/8 0/9
Height (cm) 167/3±0/8 169/6±8/95 0/35
Weight (kg) 69/41±11/3 74/78±11/94 0/1
BMI (kg/m2) 24/74±3/63 26/21±5 0/23
Tab.1  participant's basic information in intervention and control group before and after intervention
variable* Intervention group Control group p value#€
Albumin (gr/dlit)
Before intervention 3/28±0/6 3/51±0/79 0/25
After intervention 3/55±0/79 3/09±0/5 0/01
p valueb 0/09 0/03
Tab.2  serum albumin level before and after intervention
variable* Intervention group Control group p value#€
Energy (kcal)
Before intervention 1090/6±402/79 1174/95±410/88 0/46
After intervention 1430/6±488/8 1270/22±319/49 0/17
p valueb >0/001 0/33
Protein (gr)
Before intervention 56/95±19/71 56/29±19/14 0/9
After intervention 72/2±24/12 64/82±21/56 0/26
P value 0/001 0/2
Carbohydrate (gr)
Before intervention 169/54±75/06 179/19±68/27 0/63
After intervention 198/77±69/22 176/86±58/72 0/22
P value 0/04 0/91
Total fat (gr)
Before intervention 30/49±15/27 30/26±11/15 0/95
After intervention 42/8±9/86 33/46±9/7 >0/001
p value >0/001 0/39
Tab.3  participant's calorie and macronutrients intake
variable* Intervention group Control group p value#€
Before intervention 69/41±11/3 74/78±11/94 0/1
After intervention 70/3±11/74 71/38±12/64 0/75
p valueb 0/049 0/13
Before intervention 24/74±3/63 26/21±5 0/23
After intervention 25/09±4/02 24/69±4/76 0/89
p value 0/03 0/12
Tab.4  bodyweight, BMI before and after intervention
variable* Intervention group Control group p value µ€
Nutritional status 0/6
Before intervention
appropriate 8(32%) 5(20%)
Prone to malnutrition 8(32%) 10(40%)
severe 9(36%) 10(40%)
After intervention 0/001<
appropriate (76%)19 1(4%)
Prone to malnutrition 5(20%) 6(24%)
sever 1(4%) 18(72%)
Tab.5  nutritional status before and after intervention
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