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Frontiers in Biology

Front. Biol.    2017, Vol. 12 Issue (4) : 241-257
Illuminating the structure and dynamics of chromatin by fluorescence labeling
Shipeng Shao, Lei Chang, Yingping Hou, Yujie Sun()
State Key Laboratory of Membrane Biology, Biodynamic Optical Imaging Center (BIOPIC), School of Life Sciences, Peking University, Beijing 100871, China
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BACKGROUND: Visualization of chromosomal loci location and dynamics is crucial for understanding many fundamental intra-nuclear processes such as DNA transcription, replication, and repair.

OBJECTIVE: Here, we will describe the development of fluorescence labeling methods for chromatin imaging, including traditional as well as emerging chromatin labeling techniques in both fixed and live cells. We will also discuss current issues and provide a perspective on future developments and applications of the chromatin labeling technology.

METHODS: A systematic literature search was performed using the PubMed. Studies published over the past 50 years were considered for review. More than 100 articles were cited in this review.

RESULTS: Taking into account sensitivity, specificity, and spatiotemporal resolution, fluorescence labeling and imaging has been the most prevalent approach for chromatin visualization. Among all the fluorescent labeling tools, the adoption of genome editing tools, such as TALE and CRISPR, have great potential for the labeling and imaging of chromatin.

CONCLUSION: Although a number of chromatin labeling techniques are available for both fixed and live cells, much more effort is still clearly required to develop fluorescence labeling methods capable of targeting arbitrary sequences non-intrusively to allow long-term, multiplexing, and high-throughput imaging of genomic loci and chromatin structures. The emerging technological advances will outline a next-generation effort toward the comprehensive delineation of chromatin at single-cell level with single-molecule resolution.

Keywords chromatin structure and dynamics      FROS      FISH      TALE      CRISPR/Cas9      single-guide RNA      Suntag      super-resolution imaging     
Corresponding Author(s): Yujie Sun   
Just Accepted Date: 27 May 2017   Online First Date: 27 June 2017    Issue Date: 13 September 2017
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Shipeng Shao,Lei Chang,Yingping Hou, et al. Illuminating the structure and dynamics of chromatin by fluorescence labeling[J]. Front. Biol., 2017, 12(4): 241-257.
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Articles by authors
Shipeng Shao
Lei Chang
Yingping Hou
Yujie Sun
Labeling systemOriginMultiplexing capacityMulti-color capacityAdvantagesDrawbacksApplicationsReference
IntrusiveDNA dyeExogenousNoNoEasy to implementUnspecific; Bulk labellingAny cell type; Labeling the nucleus DNAKapuscinski, 1995
FISH (fluorescence in situ hybridization)ExogenousGreatYesSequence specific; Highly parallel, library level; Allow super-resolution imaging; Signal amplificationFixed cellAny cell type; Single gene localization; Chromatin interaction; Chromosome paintingGall and Pardue, 1969; Pardue and Gall, 1969; Langer-Safer et al., 1982; Tagarro et al., 1994; Ried et al., 1998; Cremer et al., 2000; Levsky and Singer, 2003; Bolzer et al., 2005; Simonis et al., 2006; Beliveau et al., 2012; Nora et al., 2012; Bienko et al., 2013; Chen et al., 2013; Beliveau et al., 2015; Deng et al., 2015; Boettiger et al., 2016; Wang et al., 2016
Histones (H2B-GFP etc.)ExogenousNoNoLive cell; Photoactivatable fusion allows activating individual chromosomes; Easy to stably expressUnspecific; Bulk labellingAny cell type; Chromosome dynamics during cell cycleAbney et al.,1997; Kanda et al., 1998; Held et al., 2010; Ricci et al., 2015
Fluorescent dNTPsExogenousNoYesFixed cell; Allow super-resolution maging; Transfection or injectionUnspecific; Semi-Bulk labellingAny cell type; Replication region LabelingBick and Davidson, 1974; Gratzner, 1982; Waldman et al., 1991; Salic and Mitchison, 2008
FROS (Fluorescent repressor Operator system)E. coli(lactose); Tn10 transposon (tetracycline gene); Phage lambda; ParB-INT systemNoYesRobust; Live cell; Bright; High signal-to- noise ratio; Long term tracking; Ease to stably expressReplication blockage (fragile sites); Potential chromatin disruption; Interference with transcriptionYeast, difficult in metazoans; DNA repair and manipulationGilbert and Muller-Hill,1966; Hillen et al., 1982; Robinett et al., 1996; Viollier et al., 2004; Soutoglou et al., 2007; Masui et al., 2011; Verdaasdonk et al., 2013; Roukos et al., 2013; Backlund et al.,2014; Lucas et al., 2014
Non- intrusiveNative DNA binding proteinsEndogenousNoNoAny cell type; Live cell; Single component; Easy to stably expressLimited number availableOriginal cells; Telomere and centromereWang et al., 2011; Kepten et al., 2015
(Zinc-finger nuclease)
EukaryotesNoYesLive cell; Sequence specific; Single component; Easy to stably expressTranscription block; Hard to constructionAny cell type; Repetitive SequencesSegal et al.,1999; Lindhout et al., 2007
(transcription activator-like effector)
Xanthomonas oryzae transcription activatorLittleYesLive cell; Sequence specific; Single component; Easy to stably expressTranscription block; Hard to constructionAny cell type; Repetitive SequencesSegal et al., 1999; Lindhout et al., 2007; Boch et al., 2009; Ma et al., 2013; Miyanari et al., 2013, 2014; Pederson, 2014; Thanisch et al., 2014; Wu et al., 2015; Hu et al., 2017; Ren et al., 2017
dCas9 based CRISPR clustered regulatory interspaced short palindromic repeat)Streptococcus pyrogenes (SP), NM, ST1, SAGoodYesHigh throughput; Live cell; Sequence specific; Easy to constructTranscription block; Local DNA unwinding/triple helix formation; Multiple components; Hard to stably expressAny cell type; Repetitive or non-repetitiveHorvath and Barrangou, 2010; Chen et al., 2013; Esvelt et al., 2013; Fanucchi et al., 2013; Fujita and Fujii, 2013; Mali et al., 2013; Levine, 2014; O'Connell et al., 2014; Ma et al., 2015; Ran et al., 2015; Zalatan et al., 2015; Chen et al., 2016; Nelles et al., 2016
sgRNA based CRISPRStreptococcus pyrogenes (SP), NM, ST1, SAGreatYesAny cell type; High throughput; Sequence specific; Live cell; Long term observation; Easy to constructTranscription block; Local DNA unwinding/triple helix formation; Multiple components; Hard to stably expressRepetitive or non-repetitiveBertrand et al.,1998; Daigl and Ellenberg, 2007; Larson et al., 2011; Strack et al., 2013; Shechner et al., 2015; Cheng et al., 2016; Shao et al., 2016
Tab.1  Comparisons of different chromatin labeling methods
Fig.1  Conventional intrusive labeling of chromatin loci in fixed and living mammalian cells.
Fig.2  Emerging non-intrusive multicolor labeling of repetitive chromatin loci in living cells.
Fig.3  Future development of the non-intrusive CRISPR-based chromatin labeling: signal amplification and multiplexing.
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