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Special issue: 
Typhoon Lekima (2019) and other Tropical Cyclones with High Impacts
Tropical cyclones (TCs) could cause severe damage to lives and properties because of their strong winds, heavy rainfall and associated storm surge. There are 26-28 TCs in the western North Pacific (usually called as typhoons) on average and ~ 9 of them hit China every year. Typhoon Lekima (2019) made landfall in Zhejiang, a southeastern province of China, on Aug 10 of 2019. It then affected Shanghai City, Jiangsu, Anhui and Shandong Provinces when it moved northward, bringing very severe disasters including flash floods, damaging winds, debris flow and storm surges throughout the East China. Typhoon Lekima experienced rapid intensification and very special double eyewall structure before landfall, a nearly two-day stay over land, and a complicated interaction with mid-latitude system. A targeted field experiment was carried out near the landfall point of Typhoon Lekima with several new observational equipment, including lidar, dual polarization radar and so on. Several post-disaster surveys were also conducted by different research institutes, weather forecast agencies and government organizations. 
What are the new scientific findings from the field experiment? How is the performance of the forecast guidance for this TC case, and how can we improve the forecasts especially using numerical models with data assimilation? How is Typhoon Lekima related to the climatological background? What experiences are learned from the disaster preparedness for Lekima? Explorations into these questions will definitely strengthen our disaster preparedness and forecast capability when facing the threat of landfalling TCs.
This special issue of Frontiers of Earth Science is soliciting papers with focus on the understanding of TCs with high impacts. Papers are welcome to target the above questions about Typhoon Lekima. Papers on other topics are also encouraged that are related to the evolution of Typhoon Lekima, such as inner core dynamics, microphysical process, severe precipitation, and so on. Papers are also warmly welcome on other severe TCs in recent years (e.g., Typhoon Meranti in 2016) or TCs in other basins globally (e.g., Hurricanes in Atlantic).

Guest Editors
Prof. Jianfang Fei
National University of Defense Technology, China
Dr. Jun A. Zhang
Univieristy of Miami and NOAA/AOML/HRD, USA

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Time Line for the Special Issue
1.Announcement circulation: January 20th, 2020
2.Paper submission open: January 20th to May 20th, 2020
3.Papers due: May 20th, 2020
4.Reviews back to authors: June 30th, 2020
5.Paper revisions due: July 31st, 2020
6.Notification of final acceptance: August 31st, 2020
7.Publication in Issue 4, 2020