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  • 2014年, 第1卷 第1期 出版日期:2014-05-25
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    Glorious Missions Assigned by the Human History
    Jian Song
    Frontiers of Engineering Management. 2014, 1 (1): 1-1.
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    Working Up Green, and Living Up Green
    Ji-shan He
    Frontiers of Engineering Management. 2014, 1 (1): 2-2.
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    The Construction of a Green Transportation System of China
    Zhi-huan Fu,Qing-zhong Luo,Guang-zhi Jia
    Frontiers of Engineering Management. 2014, 1 (1): 3-12.
    摘要   HTML   PDF (1655KB)

    Since the 21st century, the transportation industry in China has achieved rapid growth with a significant increase in the transport capacity; however the development has also greatly impacted the energy saving & environmental conservation. This paper takes into account non-commercial vehicles such as private cars in the statistics of energy consumption and pollution of Chinese transportation system. This method extends on previous methods which solely include commercial vehicles in these statistics. Based on more comprehensive quantitative data, it reviews the progress in the energy saving and environmental conservation efforts by the Chinese transportation industry and points out that the rapid increase of energy consumption and pollution emission and the deterioration of traffic congestion are prominent problems in the development of the Chinese transport industry. The main reasons for theses problems include the unbalanced development of different transport modes, the irrational layout of integrated transport hubs, the inadequate law, regulations and standards, and the use of suboptimal technology. Based on these findings, this paper proposes several goals for the construction of a green transportation system in China including the establishment of a transportation management system, the improvement of transportation energy efficiency, the control of environmental pollution and the alleviating of urban traffic congestion. Additionally, it points out that in order to build a green transportation system in China, multiple aspects should be enhanced, i.e., the formulation of traffic planning, the optimization of transport structure, the development of urban public transport, improvement of integrated hubs, administration of energy saving and environmental conservation, development of intelligent transportation systems, technical innovations, etc..

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    Management and Practice of Large-Scale Modern Coal Enterprises
    An Wang
    Frontiers of Engineering Management. 2014, 1 (1): 13-17.
    摘要   HTML   PDF (5064KB)

    As the coal-dominated energy structure will remain unchanged in the short term, the sustainable development of the coal industry is still serving as one of the foundations for the sound development of the national economy. The construction of modernized mines based on "four orientations", that is, orientations of scale production, modern technology and equipment, informationized management and professional working team, has been rapidly enhancing its development in the recent decade. However, in the next decade or an even longer period, the industry, with the energy centre shifting to the West of China, will be exposed to new options and development in the layout, structure, model, technology, etc.

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    Practice of Unconventional Gas Development and Engineering Management Innovation in China
    Wen-rui Hu,Jing-wei Bao,Bin Hu
    Frontiers of Engineering Management. 2014, 1 (1): 18-29.
    摘要   HTML   PDF (4686KB)

    This article analyses the recent progressive increase in resourcequantity and production quantity of unconventional natural gas in China, describes its natural properties and the concepts, strategies and approaches of its development, summarizes the special techniques, management concepts and development modes formed in the process of its development, and puts forward proposals to accelerate the development of unconventional natural gas of China. The technically recoverable reserve of unconventional natural gas is 1.7 times that of conventional natural gas and its output in 2012 accounted for 41.8% of the total output in China. Chinese tight gas development has gained success, coal-bed methane development and shale gas production pilots have made important progresses. As the key feature of unconventional natural gas is "low grade", for the effective scale development, developers must build up the engineering concept of low-grade resources development, adhere to the low cost strategy, take the development route of "a step backward and then a step forward", apply such ideas and methods of engineering management as low cost dualistic integrative innovation, full control network management, economic limit theory, integrated operation and "four orientations" engineering management, establish a "two lows" engineering management system, and take reference of the successful development mode of the tight gas in Sulige and the coal-bed methane in the Qinshui basin. In order to achieve the objective of rapid development of nonconventional natural gas in China and to accelerate the development pace, the government should continue to increase support, to speed up the reform of natural gas price adjustment, to set up national comprehensive development and utilization demonstration areas, to input in sustainable technological research and to promote engineering management innovation.?

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    Strategic Thinking on a Revolution/an Evolution in Production and Consumption of Energy in China
    Ke-chang Xie,Ke Liu
    Frontiers of Engineering Management. 2014, 1 (1): 30-36.
    摘要   HTML   PDF (1360KB)

    This article summarizes the thinking behind the call for a revolution/an evolution in China's energy production and consumption. China is still a developing country, though it has experienced fast economic growth in the past thirty years. It achieved great accomplishments surprising the world, and it is also confronted with challenges on energy supply and environmental protection. As environmental pollution becomes more and more serious, the energy challenges have become more and more complicated. With this in mind, the authors analyzed China's energy situation, China's energy supply and consumption, the world energy map, China's commitment both to improving its domestic environment and fulfilling its international obligations to control climate change. Action plans are presented to support the call for a revolution/an evolution in China's energy production and consumption as an effective assurance for China's ambitious goal of building a moderately prosperous society in all respects.

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    Study on the Path of “Near-zero Emission” Coal-based Clean Energy Ecosystem Development
    Zhang Yu-zhuo
    Frontiers of Engineering Management. 2014, 1 (1): 37-41.
    摘要   HTML   PDF (911KB)

    Developing a "near-zero emission" coal-based clean energy ecosystem bears great significance for the sustainable development of clean energy in China and the world at large. This article delves into the development strategy, implementation pathways and key priorities of China's "near-zero emission" coal-based clean energy ecosystem, and in turn proposes specific measures to underpin the development and implementation of such system.

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    Rational Understanding about Renaissance Path of China's Road and Bridge Engineering
    Mao-run Feng,Zheng-song Zhao
    Frontiers of Engineering Management. 2014, 1 (1): 42-51.
    摘要   HTML   PDF (59927KB)

    At the turn of this century, China began the largest road and bridge development in the world, which has virtuously interacted with the social and economic development and has elevated the engineering technology to world-class level. Surveying the development of world transportation, and comparing the road and bridge construction efforts of Europe, U.S.A, Japan and China, general experiences of success can be derived as follows: It is greatly beneficial to give priority to transportation for economic development; it takes national strategy and social action to build up a transportation network; demand and innovation are the driving forces to upgrade road and bridge technology; management innovation and quality assurance can greatly improve development caliber. While rationally acknowledging China's transportation infrastructure achievements, we should reflect on issues with Chinese characteristics that have affected quality and efficiency, expose all construction practices that violate scientific law, overall management defects in road and bridge construction and maintenance, and search for new ways to strengthen social management and the creation of a healthy soft environment.

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    Research and Practice of Meta-synthesis Management for the Government-led Urban Complex Construction Project
    Ru-gui Chen,Jia-meng Chen
    Frontiers of Engineering Management. 2014, 1 (1): 52-61.
    摘要   HTML   PDF (4505KB)

    This paper researches the overall construction target of government-led urban complex construction projects based on the perspective of sustainable urban development.In order to achieve benefit maximization, the meta-synthesis management for the government-led urban complex construction project is studied.In order to combine theory and practice, several typical government-led urban complex construction project cases, such as Guangzhou Higher Education Mega Center and Guangzhou International Financial City etc. areexamined. These examples point to thefeasibility of government-led meta-synthesis management and demonstrate the benefits that can be achieved through this model.

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    The Construction of Tetrahedral Model of Engineering Ethical Evaluation
    Jin Wang
    Frontiers of Engineering Management. 2014, 1 (1): 62-70.
    摘要   HTML   PDF (432KB)

    To achieve greatprojects, great attention should be attached to ethical issues of engineering. But endless immoralities in the field of engineering expose the lack of attention and the ineffectiveness of implementation of engineering ethical evaluation. The “Mirror” and the "Lamp" — these two metaphors used by M. H. Abrams vividly expose the differences in people's way of understanding which inspires author's study of the model of engineering ethical evaluation. With four elements of the project —artifact, engineer, user and environment, a tetrahedral model of integrity, strong restoring force and high stability is built. While their roles and responsibilities differ, each has to demonstrate a commitment to professional and ethical standards. In this model, four "Lamps" — i. e, four elements of engineering — in four corners provide light while four "Mirrors" — the result of reflection of four elements — reflect whether the tetrahedral model can truthfully evaluate the level of engineering ethics. The combination of the "Lamps" and "Mirrors" illuminates engineering ethical evaluation and leads to a plurality of evaluation standards, while simultaneously fostering both the avoidance of simple de-instrumentalization and the sustainability of ethical evaluation. Plurality of evaluation standards means the consideration of value differences in a multi-value state. The avoidance of de-instrumentalization means to prevent the engineer's expertise from fossilization. The sustainability of ethical evaluation accelerates the fulfillment of our dream, for the ultimate benefit of humankind. Ethical evaluation of the project not only helps more engineers to use expertise in pursuit of the public good, but also make more projects to meet people's short-term expectations and long-term cares.

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    NewIndustrial Revolution and Environmental Protection
    Qian Yi
    Frontiers of Engineering Management. 2014, 1 (1): 71-75.
    摘要   HTML   PDF (283KB)

    Serious environmental problems have appeared in China since the rapid economic growth 30 years ago, which affect human's health and become a limiting factor for further development. It has brought about the rethinking of traditional ways for economy development and environmental protection, and realized that the change in the model of development and environment protection is of significance. A new industrial revolution is needed for protecting the environment and promoting sustainable development. This paper discusses the characteristics of the new industrial revolution for sustainable development including cleaner production, circular economy, and industrial ecology. Lessons from China and abroad will be introduced to prove that new strategies for environment protection and economic development are needed.

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    Inheritance and Innovation of Engineering Management Informatization
    Kai Sun,Ren-huai Liu
    Frontiers of Engineering Management. 2014, 1 (1): 76-82.
    摘要   HTML   PDF (543KB)

    In the life-cycle of large projects, the operational phase lasts the longest, costs the most and substantially benefits the project. During the whole phase, energy, material and human resources may cost a lot. Effective control of such costs is one of the main targets of engineering management informatization. How to lower the organization collaboration cost in project management and how to support effective collaboration among different areas, organizations and departments in the ways of technology and management are major goals in engineering management informatization. In the phase of project operation, project owners, partners and customers are the stakeholders of engineering management informatization. Through the case of airport management informatization, inherited and innovation of engineering management informatization will be discussed. It is illustrated that airport informatization is the innovation of business model and technology applications through the analysis and study on cases of airport informatization.

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    Promote the Engineering of Ecological Civilization Construction by Building "Resource-conserving and Environment-friendly Society"
    Chen Xiao-hong,Zhou Zhi-yu
    Frontiers of Engineering Management. 2014, 1 (1): 83-88.
    摘要   HTML   PDF (253KB)

    The research elaborated the internal connections between the construction of ecological civilization and "Resource-conserving and Environment-friendly Society", introduced the practice and achievements of promoting the construction of Ecological Civilization in the National Synthetically Reform Pilot Zone of the "Resource-conserving and Environment-friendly Society" in Chang-Zhu-Tan(C-Z-T) City Cluster, which is focusing on the establishment of standard system, the promotion of reform in ten key areas, the construction of ten key environmental projects, and the promotion of ten low-carbon clean technologies. Based on this, the research pointed out structural and institutional obstacles and problems in further promoting the construction of "Resource-conserving and Environment-friendly Society" and Ecological Civilization. Finally, focusing on reform and innovation, the research provided suggestions to deepen the reform of the construction of "Resource-conserving and Environment-friendly Society" and Ecological Civilization in four aspects, such as dividend of institution, dividend of nomocracy, dividend of development, and dividend of market.

    参考文献 | 相关文章 | 多维度评价
    Decision Support System for Evaluating Impact of Product Carbon Labeling Scheme
    Xu Dong-ling,Foster Chris,Hu Ying,Yang Jian-bo
    Frontiers of Engineering Management. 2014, 1 (1): 89-104.
    摘要   HTML   PDF (1951KB)

    In this paper a decision support system for systematically evaluating the impact of labeling products with their carbon footprints is developed and applied to prioritize products for carbon labeling in a large supermarket chain in the UK. Carbon labels may change consumers' behavior and encourage suppliers to implement carbon-reduction solutions. Those changes may, however, lead to unintended risks. To handle the challenges of uncertainties in the evaluation, the Evidential Reasoning approach and the Intelligent Decision System software for multi-criteria decision analysis are applied to support the process. The system developed can be applied to assessing the impact of sustainable development policies to maximize their benefits and minimize their risks.

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    China’s Engineering Education: Situation & Outlook
    Zhu Gao-feng
    Frontiers of Engineering Management. 2014, 1 (1): 105-112.
    摘要   HTML   PDF (287KB)

    Since China's drive in 1978 to implement national reforms and open it up to the outside world,its higher education sectorhas made rapid progressin the field of engineering and has been able to achieverapid expansion of scale,Positive change in educational structure,more education investment, improved teaching quality, Educational reform and international cooperation. While praising the achievements,we need toacknowledgethat there are also some problems in China's engineering education, asimbalancebetweensupplyanddemand,homogeneity of goals and patterns, Lack of practice,curriculum system not aligned with the characteristics of engineering,insufficient importance attached to innovation and entrepreneurial education, Poor competence mix.In light of China's process of modernization and the Outline, we forecast that:competition between universities will intensify and the supply-demand imbalance will be alleviated, differentiation depends on the reform of engineer system and administrative university classification,quality of engineering education will be improved with a complete quality assurance system,industrial transformation will be conducive to joint talent development by universities and businesses,instructors will be the mainstay of educational reform,quality of students should be improved in many different ways. As China's modernization accelerates, the quality of its engineering education is getting better and better. We expect to work closely with foreign colleagues to improve the quality to turn out engineering talents meeting the demand of national development.

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    Yuan-zhang Liu: a Short Biography
    Frontiers of Engineering Management. 2014, 1 (1): 113-114.
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    参考文献 | 相关文章 | 多维度评价
    Authors Notes Provided by Corresponding Authors
    Frontiers of Engineering Management. 2014, 1 (1): 115-118.
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    17 articles

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