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Frontiers of Engineering Management    2020, Vol. 7 Issue (4) : 615-617
Comments on the development of blockchain technology from the perspective of patent analysis
Wenhong LI, Chunxiao FU, Deli CHENG()
Shanghai International College of Intellectual Property, Tongji University, Shanghai 200092, China
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Wenhong LI
Chunxiao FU
Wenhong LI,Chunxiao FU,Deli CHENG. Comments on the development of blockchain technology from the perspective of patent analysis[J]. Front. Eng, 2020, 7(4): 615-617.
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Country Forward citation Family size Claims counts License counts
China 0.5 1.2 11 0.03
US 2.8 2.3 20 1.4
Tab.1  Comparison of some evaluation factors between the patent applications of US and China (on average)
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