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Dehydration of natural gas and biogas streams using solid desiccants: a review
SoheilBahraminia, MansoorAnbia, EsmatKoohsaryan
Front. Chem. Sci. Eng..
Effect of sodium bicarbonate solution on methyltrimethoxysilane-derived silica aerogels dried at ambient pressure
Yujing Liu, Xiao Han, Balati Kuerbanjiang, Vlado K. Lazarov, Lidija Šiller
Front. Chem. Sci. Eng..
Halide-free carbonylation of methanol with H-MOR supported CuCeOx catalysts
Chaoli Tong, Jiachang Zuo, Danlu Wen, Weikun Chen, Linmin Ye, Youzhu Yuan
Front. Chem. Sci. Eng..
Nanofiltration for separation and purification of saccharides from biomass
Xianhui Li, Sheng Tan, Jianquan Luo, Manuel Pinelo
Front. Chem. Sci. Eng..
Novel Ag-AgBr decorated composite membrane for dye rejection and photodegradation under visible light
Yixing Wang, Liheng Dai, Kai Qu, Lu Qin, Linzhou Zhuang, Hu Yang, Zhi Xu
Front. Chem. Sci. Eng..
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