Frontiers of Computer Science


FCS: Launch of the NSFC Excellent Young ScholarsForum



 The National Natural Science Foundation of China (NSFC) Excellent Young Scholars(EYS)Forum, proposed by Editor-in-Chief, Prof. Wei Li, Executive Editors-in-Chief, Prof.Zhang Xiong and Prof.Zhi-Hua Zhou, has been formally launched in Frontiers of Computer Science(FCS) since Volume 10 Number 1, February 2016. The NSFC-EYS Forum will continue in the following issues as increasingnew NSFC-EYS awardees join this forum each year. The NSFC-EYS awardees are the leading authors of the articles in this forum. Theirarticles either review the awardees’ research fields from their own viewpoints, or summarize their own lines of research, or present their recent research advances. We sincerely hope that the NSFC-EYS Forumwill be able to serve as a window of exhibiting researches and visions of the excellent young generation computer scientists of China, and wish that this forum will become an attractive feature of FCS.


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