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Frontiers of Business Research in China

Front. Bus. Res. China    2019, Vol. 13 Issue (2) : 121-143
Global competition and diffusion of the “A”list
Mike W. Peng()
Jindal School of Management, University of Texas at Dallas, 800 West Campbell Road, SM 43, Richardson, TX 75080, USA
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Focusing on the global diffusion of the “A” list consisting of predominantly U.S.-based journals, we argue that such diffusion represents an important form of professionalization in the management of business schools. The diffusion can also be viewed as an intellectual movement in the age of global competition characterized by a flat world. How can we explain the recent diffusion of the “A” list? More important, how does such diffusion impact the future of business and management scholarship? Addressing these important but underexplored questions, we identify the multilevel factors that explain the diffusion, and predict its likely trajectory and its impact on future scholarship.

Keywords Global competition      “A” list      Business schools      Scholarship      Professionalization      Publishing     
Issue Date: 15 July 2019
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Mike W. Peng. Global competition and diffusion of the “A”list[J]. Front. Bus. Res. China, 2019, 13(2): 121-143.
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