Frontiers of Agricultural Science and Engineering

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Editorial Board

Name      Speciality Organization Country
Fusuo Zhang Sustainable agriculture China Agricultural University China
Associate Editors-in-Chief
Name Speciality Organization Country
Donald Grierson Biological science University of Nottingham UK
Yaofeng Zhao Animal immunogenetics China Agricultural University China
Oene Oenema Nutrient management and
soil fertility
Wageningen University & Research the Netherlands
Bill Davies Plant biology Lancaster University UK
Peter Vitousek Biogeochemistry and ecology Stanford University USA
Long Li Agroecology China Agricultural University China
Name Speciality Organization Country
Georg Bareth Agriculture, geography and remote sensing University of Cologne Germany
William D. Batchelor Agricultural engineering Auburn University USA
Sumana Bhattacharya Climate change and environment IORA Ecological Solutions India
Patrick Brown Pomology University of California, Davis USA
Ismail Cakmak  Plant Nutrition Sabanci University Turkey
Flavio Camargo Soil Science University of São Paulo Brazil
David Chaldwick Sustainable land use systems Bangor University UK
Huanchun Chen Animal infectious disease Huazhong Agricultural University China
Jie Chen Plant protection Shanghai Jiao Tong University China
Wenfu Chen Rice breeding Shenyang Agricultural University China
Peter Christie Environmental safety Belfast Queen's University, Agri-Food and Biosciences Institute UK
Adie Collins Sustainable agriculture  Rothamsted Research UK
Felix D. Dakora Sustainable agriculture Tshwane University of Technology/African Academy of Sciences South Africa
Wim de Vries Biogeochemistry Wageningen University & Research the Netherlands
Xiuxin Deng Pomology Huazhong Agricultural University China
Xianmin Diao Crop science Chinese Academy of Agricultural Sciences China
Zhengxia Dou Resource management University of Pennsylvania USA
Wenhai Feng Molecular virology and immunology China Agricultural University China
Leslie Firbank Biodiversity and agroecology University of Leeds UK
Rupert Fray Plant molecular biology University of Nottingham UK
Zhenfang Fu Virology The University of Georgia USA
Jianyong Han Biology China Agricultural University China
Yuanhuai Han Plant genetics and breeding Shanxi Agricultural University China
Haohua He Plant genetics and breeding Jiangxi Agricultural University China
Zhonghu He Wheat breeding Chinese Academy of Agricultural Sciences China
Chunsheng Hu Agroecology Chinese Academy of Sciences China
Shaozhong Kang Agricultural engineering China Agricultural University China
Toyoki Kozai Environmental science Chiba University Japan
Goetz Laible Animal genetics and breeding AgResearch New Zealand
Daoliang Li Agricultural information China Agricultural University China
Guangpeng Li Zootomy, histology and embryology Inner Mongolia University China
Minzan Li Agricultural engineering China Agricultural University China
Yanbin Li Biological engineering University of Arkansas USA
Yu Li Mycology Jilin Agricultural University China
Zenglu Li Plant genetics and breeding University of Georgia USA
Zhaohu Li Agricultural biotechnology Huazhong Agricultural University  China
George Liu Animal science United States Department of Agriculture USA
Jinhua Liu Molecular virology China Agricultural University China
John Liu Aquaculture and aquatic sciences  Auburn University USA
Xu Liu Crop genetics and breeding Chinese Academy of Engineering China
Matteo Lorito Plant biology University of Naples Federico II Italy
Xiwen Luo Agricultural machinery and engineering South China Agricultural University China
Jianfeng Ma Plant stress physiology Okayama University Japan
Yongqing Ma Agriculture Northwest A&F University China
Kangsen Mai Nutrition and feeds of aquatic livestock Ocean University of China China
Fabio Ricardo Marin Agrometeorology University of São Paulo Brazil
Cargele Masso Plant nutrition and soil science International Institute of Tropical Agriculture Cameroon
Pamela Matson Sustainable agriculture Stanford University USA
Holger Meinke Sustainable agriculture and food systems University of Tasmania Australia
Torsten Müller  Fertilisation and soil matter dynamics University of Hohenheim Germany
Nicolas Munier-Jolain Plant science French National Institute for
Agricultural Research  
Zhibiao Nan Grassland agriculture Lanzhou University China
Raghuram Nandula Plant biology GGS Indraprastha University India
Miroslav Nikolic Plant nutrition Univerity of Belgrade Slovakia
Noboru Noguchi Agricultural engineering Hokkaido University Japan
Michael Obersteiner  Ecosystem services and management International Institute for Applied Systems Analysis (IIASA) Austria
Jørgen E. Olesen Agroecology Aarhus University Denmark
Rafael Otto Soil science University of São Paulo Brazil
Zed Rengel Plant nutrition The University of Western Australia Australia
Ian Riley Plant protection University of Adelaide Australia
Mariana C. Rufino Agricultural systems Lancaster University UK
Jan Kofod Schjørring  Plant nutrition University of Copenhangen Denmark
Susanne Schmidt Plant nutrition and soil science The University of Queensland Australia
Guido Schmidt-Traub Sustainable agriculture The UN Sustainable Development Solutions Network (SDSN) UN
Stefan Schwarz Animal genetics Institute of Farm Animal Genetics, Friedrich-Loeffler-Institut (FLI) Germany
Qianhua Shen Molecular biology Chinese Academy of Sciences China
Moshe Shenker Plant nutrition and soil science The Hebrew University of Jerusalem Israel
Kadambot Siddique Crop physiology, farming systems, genetic resources and breeding University of Western Australia Australia
Grant Singleton Crop science International Rice Research Institute Philippines
Jiuzhou Song Animal science University of Maryland USA
Donald L. Sparks Soil science University of Delaware USA
Dmitry S. Strebkov Electrification of agriculture and renewable energy All-Russian Research Institute for Electrification of Agriculture (VIESH) Russia
Chuanqing Sun Plant genetics and breeding China Agricultural University China
Caixian Tang Soil science La Trobe University Australia
Kexuan Tang Biotechnology Shanghai Jiao Tong University China
Qisheng Tang Marine fishery resources and ecology Chinese Academy of Fishery Sciences China
Kuan-Chong Ting Agricultural and biological engineering University of Illinois at Urbana-Champaign USA
Wopke van der Werf Biological science Wageningen University & Research   the Netherlands
Ralf Vögele Plant pathology University of Hohenheim Germany
Christian von Sperber Biogeochemistry McGill University Canada
Wenquan Wang Molecular biology Chinese Academy of Tropical Agricultural Sciences China
Michael Webb Plant nutrition and soil fertility Commonwealth Scientific and Industrial Research Organization (CSIRO) Australia
Philip White  Plant biology The Jame Hutton Institute UK
Matthias Wissuwa  Plant science University of Tokyo Japan
Kongming Wu Plant protection Chinese Academy of Agricultural Sciences China
Pute Wu Water-saving agriculture Northwest A&F University China
Sen Wu Animal genetics and breeding China Agricultural University China
Shunyuan Xiao Plant science and plant pathology University of Maryland USA
Hong Yang Aquatic science Swiss Federal Institute of Aquatic Science and Technology (EAWAG) Switzerland
Ning Yang Poultry breeding China Agricultural University China
Liangli (Lucy) Yu Food and nutrition University of Maryland USA
Guofan Zhang Biology Chinese Academy of Sciences China
Hongbin Zhang Plant genomics Texas A&M University USA
Hongcheng Zhang Crop science Yangzhou University China
Jianhua Zhang Agricultural biotechnology The Chinese University of Hong Kong China
Qin Zhang Agricultural engineering Washington State University USA
Shougong Zhang Forestry Chinese Academy of Forestry China
Shuhong Zhao Animal genetics Huazhong Agricultural University China
Xin Zhao Animal science McGill University Canada
Shijun Zheng Veterinary medicine China Agricultural University China
Guanghong Zhou Food science Nanjing Agricultural University China
Huaijun Zhou Animal science University of California USA
Youyong Zhu Plant pathology Yunnan Agricultural University China
Shamie Zingore  Fertilizer management The IPNI sub-Saharan Africa Program Kenya