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Frontiers of Agricultural Science and Engineering

Front. Agr. Sci. Eng.    2017, Vol. 4 Issue (3) : 305-318
Genomics and genetic breeding in aquatic animals: progress and prospects
Wenteng XU1,2, Songlin CHEN1,2()
1. Key Lab for Sustainable Development of Marine Fisheries, Ministry of Agriculture, Yellow Sea Fisheries Research Institute, Chinese Academy of Fishery Sciences, Qingdao 266071, China
2. Laboratory for Marine Fisheries Science and Food Production Processes, Qingdao National Laboratory for Marine Science and Technology, Qingdao 266237, China
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Genomics focuses on dissection of genome structure and function to provide a molecular basis for understanding the genetic background. In a pivotal step, the expense of whole genome sequencing has been largely eliminated by the rapid updating of sequencing technology, leading to increasing numbers of decoded genomes of aquatic organisms, driving the aquaculture industry into the genomic era. Multiple aquatic areas have been influenced by these findings, such as accelerated generation shift in the seed industry and the process of breeding improved lines. In this article, we have summarized the latest domestic and international progress of aquatic animals in nine aspects, including WGS and fine mapping, construction of high density genetic/physical maps, trait-related marker/genes screening, as well as sex control, genome editing, and other molecular breeding technologies. Finally, the existing problems in this field have been discussed and five future counter measures have been proposed accordingly.

Keywords aquaculture      genomics      genetic breeding      progress     
Corresponding Authors: Songlin CHEN   
Just Accepted Date: 07 April 2017   Online First Date: 11 May 2017    Issue Date: 12 September 2017
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Wenteng XU,Songlin CHEN. Genomics and genetic breeding in aquatic animals: progress and prospects[J]. Front. Agr. Sci. Eng. , 2017, 4(3): 305-318.
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Articles by authors
Wenteng XU
Songlin CHEN
Common nameScientific nameGenome sizeContigN50ScaffoldN50Reference
Fugu rubripesTakifugu rubripes380 Mbn/an/a[1]
Puffer fishTetraodon nigroviridis340 Mb16 kb984 kb[12]
MedakaOryzias latipes700 Mb9.8 kb1.41 Mb[13]
Atlantic codGadus morhua830 Mb2.8 kb688 kb[2]
Channel catfishIctalurus punctatus783 Mb77.2 kb7.7 Mb[14]
Pacific oysterCrassostrea gigas559 Mb19.4 kb401 kb[7]
Pearl oysterPinctada fucata1.15 Gb1.6 kb14.5 kb[15]
Threespine sticklebackGasterosteus aculeatus463 Mb83.2 kb10.8 Mb[3]
LampreyPetromyzon marinus816 Mb174 kbn/a[16]
ZebrafishDanio rerio1.4 Gbn/a1.55 Mb[4]
African coelacanthLatimeria chalumnae2.86 Gb12.7 kb924 kb[17]
Pacific bluefin tunaThunnus orientalis800 Mb7.5 kb136 kb[18]
PlatyfishXiphophorus maculatus750–950 Mb22 kb1.1 Mb[19]
Soft-shell turtlePelodiscus sinensis2.21 Gb21.9 kb3.3 Mb[20]
Elephant sharkCallorhinchus milii937 Mb46.6 kb4.5 Mb[21]
Antarctic bullhead notothenNotothenia coriiceps637 Mb11.6 kb219 kb[22]
Half-smooth tongue soleCynoglossus semilaevis477 Mb26.5 kb867 kb[8]
Four representative
Scartelaos histophorus806 Mb8.4 kb14.3 kb[23]
Boleophthalmus pectinirostris983 Mb20.2 kb2.31 Mb
Periophthalmodon schlosseri780 Mb16.8 kb39.1 kb
Periophthalmus magnuspinnatus739 Mb27.6 kb288.5 kb
Common carpCyprinus carpio1.53 Gb68.4 kb1 Mb[9]
Large yellow croakerLarimichthys crocea644 Mb25.7 kb498.7 kb[10]
Larimichthys crocea679 Mb63.11 kb1.03 Mb[24]
Tawny pufferTakifugu flavidus390 Mb2.8 kb305.7 kb[25]
Grass carpCtenopharyngodon idellus (female)900 Mb40.8 kb6.46 Mb[11]
Ctenopharyngodon idellus (male)1.07 Gb18.25 kb2.28 Mb
KillfishNothobranchius furzeri1.24 Gbn/a494 kb[26]
Silver pomfretPampus argenteus550 Mb499 bp1.58 kb[27]
Spotted garLepisosteus oculatus945 Mb68.3 kb6.9 Mb[28]
Atlantic salmonSalmo salar2.97 Gb57.6 kb2.97 Mb[6]
Tab.1  Reported genomes of aquatic animals by de novo sequencing
Common nameMaker typeNo. of markersMap size/cMLinkage groups (No.)Average interval/cMReference
Half-smooth tongue soleSSR10241667.3211.7[31]
Half-smooth tongue soleSNP12142n/a210.326[8]
Japanese flounderSSR8411733.8242.22[29]
Japanese flounderSNP133623497.29240.47[30]
Common carpSSR7323278504.48[32]
Channel catfishSNP543423505.4290.22[33]
Rainbow troutSSR
Large yellow croakerSSR2891430.8245.4[40]
Large yellow croakerSNP101505451.3240.54[39]
Silver carpSSR7031561.1242.2[41]
Bighead carpSSR6591917.3242.9[42]
orange-spotted grouperSNP46081581.7240.34[43]
European sea bassSNP67064816240.72[44]
Red drumSSR4861815.3243.96[45]
Bay scallopSSR161849165.9[46]
Zhikong scallopn/a38061543190.41[47]
Pacific white shrimpSNP61464271.43440.7[48]
Tab.2  Reported high-density genetic linkage maps of aquatic animals
Common nameScientific nameNo. of BACsNo. of BACs for assemblyNo. of contigsNo. of clones per contigAverage size of contig/kbReference
MedakaOryzias latipes6451241882n/an/an/a[56]
Threespine sticklebackGasterosteus aculeatus1021787121183978.4n/a[58]
TilapiaOreochromis niloticus407043524536219389.9[59]
Atlantic salmonSalmo salar200640185938435434592[51]
Channel catfishIctalurus punctatus404163458033079.25292[52]
Rainbow troutOncorhynchus mykiss192096154439417334.75482[57]
Asian seabassLates calcarifer3820835265286511232[50]
Common carpCyprinus carpio8908872158369618.26476[54]
Half-smooth tongue soleCynoglossus semilaevis3357530294148520537[55]
Zhikong scallopChlamys farreri6364137046369610490[60]
Tab.3  Physical maps of aquatic animals
1 Aparicio S, Chapman J, Stupka E, Putnam N, Chia J M, Dehal P, Christoffels A, Rash S, Hoon S, Smit A, Gelpke M D, Roach J, Oh T, Ho I Y, Wong M, Detter C, Verhoef F, Predki P, Tay A, Lucas S, Richardson P, Smith S F, Clark M S, Edwards Y J, Doggett N, Zharkikh A, Tavtigian S V, Pruss D, Barnstead M, Evans C, Baden H, Powell J, Glusman G, Rowen L, Hood L, Tan Y H, Elgar G, Hawkins T, Venkatesh B, Rokhsar D, Brenner S. Whole-genome shotgun assembly and analysis of the genome of Fugu rubripes. Science, 2002, 297(5585): 1301–1310 pmid: 12142439
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