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Front. Agric. China    2007, Vol. 1 Issue (1) : 58-61     DOI: 10.1007/s11703-007-0010-2
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Effects of cinnamic acid on the physiological characteristics of cucumber seedlings under salt stress
Xuezheng WANG,Hua WANG,Fengzhi WU(),Bo LIU
Horticultural College, Northeast Agricultural University, Harbin 150030, China
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Effects of cinnamic acid on the physiolo gical characteristics of cucumber (Shandong Mici) seedlings under salt stress were studied, and the best concentration and treatment time were ascertained. The results showed that cinnamic acid relatively increased the leaf relative water content and the chlorophyll content, decreased plasma membrane permeability, mitigated membrane damage, inhibited the accumulation of malondialdehyde (product of membrane lipid peroxidation), and promoted the activity of membrane protective enzymes such as super oxide dismutase and peroxidase, therefore improving the adaptabilities of cucumber to salt stress. It is concluded that the best treatment time of cinnamic acid is in the two euphylla period, and the best treatment concentration of cinnamic acid is 50 μmol/L.

Keywords salt stress      cucumber      cinnamic acid      physiological characteristics     
Issue Date: 22 February 2016
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Xuezheng WANG,Hua WANG,Fengzhi WU, et al. Effects of cinnamic acid on the physiological characteristics of cucumber seedlings under salt stress[J]. Front. Agric. China, 2007, 1(1): 58-61.
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Xuezheng WANG
Fengzhi WU
Treatment time Cinnamic acid (B) concentration/μmol · L-1
25 50 100
The first euphylla priod B11 B12 B13
The second euphylla period B21 B22 B23
The third euphylla period B31 B32 B33
The fourth euphylla period B41 B42 B43
Table 1  Cinnamic acid treatment time, concentration and code in test
Treatment Water content in leaf /mg · g-1 Increased or decreased value /PΔ% Chlorophyll content /mg · g-1 Increased or decreased value /PΔ%
CK1 733.0 -13.10 228.9 -33.90
CK2 843.5 346.3
B11 749.0 -11.20 247.0 -28.67
B12 773.4 -8.31 269.6 -22.15
B13 768.2 -8.92 226.6 -34.57
B21 772.3 -8.44 225.0 -35.03
B22 812.9 -3.62 282.5 -18.42
B23 773.8 -8.26 290.0 -16.26
B31 759.4 -9.97 235.3 -32.05
B32 744.5 -11.73 258.0 -25.50
B33 742.3 -11.99 255.3 -26.28
B41 760.1 -9.89 263.6 -23.88
B42 755.6 -10.42 279.2 -19.38
B43 773.6 -8.29 253.6 -26.77
Table 2  Effects of cinnamic acid on water content and chlorophyll content of cucumber seedlings under salt stress
reatment SOD/U · g-1 TPOD/(OD · g-1 · h-1) REC/% MDA/(μmol · g-1)
CK1 38.25±3.11Ce 0.43±0.04 Ik 77.39±1.93 Aa 2.26±0.13 Aa
CK2 29.34±2.79Dd 0.82±0.04 Hj 15.32±0.95 Fe 0.30±0.04 Gg
B11 66.32±2.49 Aab 1.12±0.04 EFG 69.32±1.39 CDEcd 0.69±0.06 Ee
B12 66.18±2.18 Aab 1.45±0.06 B 67.23±1.74DEd 0.28±0.05 Gg
B13 57.34±0.34 Bc 1.12±0.07 EFG 74.14±1.44 ABab 0.79±0.04 DEd
B21 66.22±0.95 Aab 1.33±0.06 CD 69.54±3.50 CDEcd 0.51±0.06 Ff
B22 69.33±2.46 Aa 1.59±0.07 A 66.33±2.25 Ed 0.26±0.06 Gg
B23 57.36±2.61 Bc 1.10±0.07 FG 72.14±1.41 BCbc 0.88±0.06 CDc
B31 66.27±1.74 Aab 1.20±0.07 EF 69.34±0.94 CDEcd 0.49±0.06 Ff
B32 66.15±2.08 Aab 1.40±0.07 BC 67.25±2.12 DEd 0.32±0.01 Gg
B33 57.27±0.64 Bc 1.26±0.05 DE 72.23±2.01 BCbc 1.03±0.03 Bb
B41 66.18±1.59 Aab 1.02±0.04 G 71.23±1.74 BCDbc 0.35±0.04 Gg
B42 65.23±2.06 Ab 1.22±0.08 DEF 67.43±1.93 DEd 0.29±0.07 Gg
B43 56.34±4.25 Bc 1.13±0.06 EFG 77.51±1.85 Aa 0.95±0.05 BCbc
Table 3  Effects of cinnamic acid on the activities of membrane protective enzymes and plasma membrane permeability of cucumber seedlings under salt stress
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