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The Content-Publishing Platform of Transactions of CAE (Chinese Academy of Engineering),launched worldwide in May 2014, hosts all 10 academic English journals sponsored by CAE. The platform is committed to enhancing the visibility and impact of scholarly articles mainly in the fields of Engineering Science, helping authors and researchers disseminate their contents to the widest possible audience.

To speed up the publishing pace of academic results, each article on the platform has 3 editions at different stages, just accepted, online first and issued version. The peer-reviewed accepted article with a DOI can already be cited (As soon as a peer-reviewed article is accepted, it can be cited with a DOI through the platform). The early editions will be replaced when the later versions come out with better editing and typesetting.

To improve discoverability and accessibility of these contents, the platform deeply interacts with those search engines, abstracting and indexing services and international communities for cross-linking, concerning the academic articles, such as Google Scholar, PubMed, CrossRef, and so on.

The platform provides Article Level Metrics that readers and organizations can use to assess the value and importance of an article, and as the statistics and analysis tools for reference and decision-making.

There are 3 open access journals on this platform, others with subscription models implemented.

Engineering (Launched in 2015, quarterly, open access)
Frontiers of Agricultural Science and Engineering (Launched in 2014, quarterly, open access)
Frontiers of Chemical Science and Engineering (Launched in 2007, quarterly)
Frontiers in Energy (Launched in 2007, quarterly)
Frontiers of Engineering Management (Launched in 2014, quarterly, open access)
Frontiers of Environmental Science & Engineering (Launched in 2007, bimonthly)
Frontiers of Information Technology & Electronic Engineering (Launched in 2014, monthly)
Frontiers of Mechanical Engineering (Launched in 2006, quarterly)
Frontiers of Medicine (Launched in 2007, quarterly)
Frontiers of Structural and Civil Engineering (Launched in 2007, quarterly)


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